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Flood Protection Services in Windsor

On May 3rd, 2011 the Windsor City Council approved a Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program (BFP) that provides homeowners with a financial subsidy to be used to install Windsor flood protection devices such as a sump pump and/or back-water valve.

To have complete flood protection in Windsor, it is essential for individuals to take action. Under the BFP, Northstar Plumbing Windsor can help you take this action to prevent water damage in your basement. You need a licensed plumber for many of the changes that the BFP covers, so call us to help you install flood protection in Windsor. Whether you plan to install backwater valves or have your sump pump discharge to an outside surface, Northstar Plumbing Windsor is available to help you install your flood protection to your Windsor home.

Call us today with questions about the BFP or for more information about the program visit:

The City of Windsor’s Basement Flooding Protection Program

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