When we think of bathroom renovations in Windsor, one of the first things that come to mind is how the bathroom’s appearance will be changed. But a bathroom renovation can also be needed to improve the accessibility and functionality of the space. This is especially true for senior citizens who may come to find that that traditional bathroom layout just doesn’t quite work for them. That’s why Northstar Plumbing Windsor offers bathroom renovations to Windsor residents. We can install new sinks, toilets, walk-in bathtubs, hand held showers, grab bars, and more to help transform a bathroom with limited accessibility to one that works for you!

Bathroom accessibility

The Importance of Bathroom Renovations for Windsor Seniors

Seniors' falls account for more than half of all senior injuries with the majority of them happening in the house and bathroom. That’s why it’s important to renovate your bathroom for accessibility and safety. Some things Northstar Plumbing Windsor can do to improve your bathroom include:

  • Shower seat installation – A shower seat can greatly improve the safety of your shower. For seniors who have trouble standing for long periods of time or for those who just feel more comfortable washing sitting down, a shower seat is a perfect addition to your bathroom.
  • Hand held shower head installation – If you have a shower seat, it may not be installed directly under the shower head. A hand held shower allows you to move the water where you need it. 
  • Grab bar installation – Grab bars can be installed inside your shower as well as key places around your bathroom for added assistance. For example, a grab bar can be installed near the toilet, on the walls outside the shower, and by the sink if necessary.
  • Tub cut – Stepping into a bathtub can be difficult if you have limited mobility. Bathtubs can be retrofitted with an opening that turns it into a walk-in shower. Some can be left open while others can be fitted with a door. You can also have the tub cut wide enough to fit a wheelchair through.

These simple changes to your bathroom can make a huge difference for seniors living in your home. Make them feel comfortable by improving the accessibility and safety of bathrooms. Trust our services from Northstar Plumbing in Windsor for quality bathroom renovations.

Federal Home Accessibility Tax Credit

Not sure you can afford bathroom renovations in Windsor? You may qualify for a disability tax credit.

About the Credit

This is a federal tax credit that you can claim on your taxes for renovation work done to increase your home’s safety.

Who Qualifies?

You qualify for this tax credit if you are:

• Eligible for the disability tax credit for the year

• Going to be 65 or older at the end of the year

How Much Can You Claim?

You can claim up to $10,000 per year in eligible expenses. If there are more than one qualifying individuals in a home, the combined expenses cannot exceed $10,000 for the dwelling. You can split the $10,000 between the qualifying individuals.

Work That Qualifies

The work that qualifies for the tax credit varies depending on who is doing the renovation. You can get a tax credit if you do the work yourself or a family member does it. You can also get the tax credit if work is done by a professional. You can hire Northstar Plumbing Windsor for your tax credit qualifying bathroom renovations. Just be sure to ask us for a receipt or similar documentation as proof of the project.

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You can learn more about the federal tax credit at Canada Revenue Agency.  Go through our list of frequently asked questions for more information. Contact Northstar Plumbing Windsor to request an estimate on your bathroom renovations.

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